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2014 Rider Cup Team Championships At KDC

October 4th, 2014 Posted by Articles, News, Press Releases No Comment yet

Eight 4-man teams of skateboarders from South Africa and around the world congregated in Kimberley for the Rider Cup Team Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup. We had Soul Team from Brooklyn, NY in the house all the way from the US along with several teams of South Africa’s top skaters to compete for their share of the R40k cash prize purse. In the end, SA dream team squad 4 Staxx consisting of Moses Adams, Khule Ngubane, Mitchell Rice, and Jean Marc Johannes ended up taking the top spot and the Rider Cup Team Championship 2014 title. Results


1. 4 Staxx R25,000

Moses Adams

Jean Marc Johannes

Mitchell Rice

Khule Ngubane

2. Get It Get It! R10,000

Yann Horowitz

Dlamini Dlamini

Khulu Dlamini

Kanya Spani

3. Clean Team R5,000

Kyle Trusky

Enwin Gellant

Ofentse Ramakanya

Allen Adams



Kyle Trusky back tails from Clean Team. Rudi Jeggle photo.


Dlamini Dlamini gets it, noseblunt. Rudi Jeggle photo.


Clean fs lip from Cape Town’s Enwin Gealant. Rudi Jeggle photo.


Switch tre from Mosey. Rudi Jeggle photo.

Rider Cup 1st Place_KDC2014_Saturday_Photo Sam Clark058-6

Congrats to 4 Staxx! Moses, Jean Marc, Khule, and Mitchell split R25k cash. Sam Clark photo.

Rider Cup Winners_KDC2014_Saturday_Photo Sam Clark057-5


Congrats to the finalists! Sam Clark photo.

Photos: Rudi Jeggle & Sam Clark

Video filmed by Colin Clark & Hein Kotze

Video edit by Dan Chetron

Soul Team Wins Rider Cup NYC Finals!

August 17th, 2014 Posted by News, Press Releases No Comment yet

Congrats to Soul Team from Brooklyn for winning $10k cash in the Rider Cup NYC Finals! Nate Rojas, Andre Beverley, Stephan Martinez, Dwaynne Almonte, and Gabe Almonte won and an all expenses paid trip to South Africa to compete in the Rider Cup World Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup this October! Full recap from the Rider Cup NYC Finals soon.

Rider Cup NYC Finals This Saturday at LES Skatepark

August 14th, 2014 Posted by News, Press Releases No Comment yet

The Rider Cup NYC Finals are going down this Saturday, August 16th, at LES Skatepark in Manhattan. The winning team  takes home  an all expenses paid trip to South Africa for the Rider Cup Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup this October 2nd-5th. The $13,000 total prize purse also includes $1,000 allotted for the open best trick jam, going down after the semi finals. We hope to see you there!


Rider Cup NYC: Bronx Qualifiers

July 22nd, 2014 Posted by News No Comment yet

Last Saturday, July 19th, eight 4-man teams of Bronx’s up and coming skaters came out to River Avenue Skatepark in South Bronx for a shot at $2000 and a chance to qualify for an all expenses paid trip to Kimberley, South Africa to compete in the Rider Cup Championships this October. In the end, it was Bronx Bombers, HB7 BX, and TBSB who took the qualifying spots, with Bronx Bombers taking the cash!

Big shout out to everyone who came out.  Congrats to the Bronx Bombers, HB7 BX, and TBSB for getting qualifying spots.  Another great event in the Bronx!  Thanks to the Rider Cup and Volcom for making it all possible.  See you next week in Brooklyn!


1) Bronx Bombers (1044)

2) HB7BX (1018)

3) TBSB (971)

4) The Vault (964)

5) Dirty thirty (923)

6) Ready for the Ride (891)

7) OOOOOO Brother (854)

8) Cheezy (830)


All photos by Jay Maldonado

Rider Cup NYC Manhattan Qualifiers Photos

July 18th, 2014 Posted by News No Comment yet

The Rider Cup NYC qualifiers kicked off in Manhattan at LES Skatepark on July 12th, 2014 and welcomed in 4 teams of the city’s hardest rippers to skate for a chance at $2000 cash and one of two slots in the Rider Cup NYC finals for a chance to skate in the Rider Cup World Championships this October 3-5th at Kimberley Diamond Cup. In the end, it was LES Bomb Squad 1 and  LES Bomb Squad 2 that made it to the finals and secured their spots in the Rider Cup NYC Finals. LES reigned victorious and came out with the top spot and the cash.

Big thanks to everyone who helped out with the event: World Skateboarding Grand Prix, Volcom, Labor Skateshop, Sticks & Stones Inc, Amy Gunther, Steve Rodriguez, Tombo Collabro, Jay Maldonado, Dan Pensyl, Rob Campbell, Joe Tookmanian, and everyone else! Below are results from the contest accompanied by some photos from throughout the day. We’ll see you on July 19th for the Bronx qualifier at River Ave Skatepark!


1. LES Bomb Squad 1 (339)

Jamel Marshall

Joseph Gil

Carlo Carezzano

Ryan Santiago

2. LES Bomb Squad 2 (295)

Brandon Johnson

Israel Adonis

Isaac Jaquez

Joel Jones

3. Street Kings (281)

Diego Fuentes

Dyshawn Taylor

Jonathon Lewison

Christian Gonzales

4. Stoops Crew (268)

Chris Herity

Joseph Rivera

Andy Baumgartner

Mike Powley


Photos by Jay Maldonado

KDC Rider Cup Team Skateboarding Championships Results!

March 11th, 2014 Posted by Articles No Comment yet
The Rider Cup, formerly known as Hood To Hood,  brought together 44 of SA’s best skaters for a team format contest. In addition to the two Kimberley teams who advanced to the Rider Cup a few weeks back, we had 10 teams of eager rippers who entered in hopes of splitting R10k and earning a slot in the Rider Cup Championships at KDC 2014. In the end team “Get It,” consisting of Yann Horowitz, Dlamini Dlamini, Pieter Retief, and Kanya Spani ‘got it,’ going home with ten G’s and a spot in the Rider Cup Finals. Cheers to all the teams for sticking it out through the gnarly heat and ripping with the collective goal of progressing skateboarding of South Africa in mind.
1. Get It, with Yann Horowitz, Dlamini Dlamini, Kanya Spani, and Pieter Retief.
2. Scumbags: Jean-Marc Johannes, Braxton Haine, Khule Ngubane, and Brandon Valjalo.
3. Titties, a good name for Brandon Jack Dyamond, Joshua Chrisholm, Khulu Dlamini,  Anthony deMendonca.
4. Magoshas, made up of Shaun Burger, Alan Morola, Anton Roux, and Bevan Richards.
5. CapeTown’s 20Sk8 with Shuaib Philander, Ryan Naidoo, Wesley “Tooth” Schroeder, and Toufeeq Reubenheimer.
6. Skateboard, with Jean Gerber, George van Blerk, Brandon Ramos, and Chris Nderity.
7. G1Three: Stuart Walker, Evan Binge, Dennis Collins, Bryce Rheeder.
8. You Ma Team from Kimberley, with Martin Kotze, Brad Bailie, Theo Setsetse, and Jaden Klaasen.
9. Wills Ducks with two Wills: Will Meleng, Will Jenkins, Tlotlo Apples, and Siphiwe Kheshwa.
10. Chesa-Nyama, consisting of Trae Rice, OJ Ramakanye, Bryce Rheeder, and TK Modise.
11. George with Luke Goliath, Quinton Mooiman, Byron Rhoda, and Nico Ludek.
12. Stoned! They’re Quinty Robertson, Kennetu Basyan, Monde Mqumbisa, and Kenneth Shimabukuro.

Midway Mayhem Skateboarding Calms Down!

March 10th, 2014 Posted by News No Comment yet
It was a hot end-of-summer weekend in Kimberley, and hundreds of amped skaters came to check out the first of KDC’s Grand Slam events. Six months before and after the Kimberley Diamond Cup in early October, Midway Mayhem brought out the best South Africa skaters, and with a R50k prize purse and slots in the KDC Am finals on the line, the skateboarding was very high caliber.
There were women’s street, amateur vert, and am street events, as well as the Rider Cup Team Skateboarding Championships.
Local hiphop acts Taliban and Prof were on the mic throughout the day and Cape Town’s infamous hiphop duo and 20SK8’s hype man B Fake had the crowd hyped for the party following the finals.

Thanks to all the skaters who came out, as well as Kumba Iron Ore, who has been a great supporter of skateboarding in South Africa. Our partners also include Northern Cape Tourism and Monster Energy — Midway Mayhem couldn’t have happened without their generous support. Results for all events coming in news posts over the next few hours.