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Kelvin Hoefler Wins 2014 KDC Street World Championships!

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Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler took out Tommy Fynn of Australia in the finals for the KDC 2014 Street World Championship title after one of the most insane final rounds ever! Some of the tricks that Kelvin laid down in the finals were switch front blunt down the rail, tre flip lip the rail, and more. Stay tuned for more content from the 2014 Kimberley Diamond Cup in the near future and keep an eye out this evening for a recap video from the finals that’s expected to be pretty amazing.


Kelvin Hoefler

Age 21 from Sao Paulo Brazil
Rockstar Energy Drink, Theeve Tr…
Tommy Fynn

Age 26 from Brisbane Australia
Stereo, DC, Picture Wheel Compan…
Louie Lopez

Age 19 from Hawthorne CA
Flip Skateboards, Volcom, Indy, …
Nassim Guammaz

Age 20 from Spijkenisse Netherlands
Element, Vans, Spitfire, Thunder…
Nyjah Huston

Age 19 from Huntington Beach CA
DC, Element, Monster, Stance, Di…
Micky Papa

Age 24 from Vancouver BC
Almost (Flow), New Balance (Flow…
Tyson Bowerbank

Age 20 from Salt Lake UT
DC Shoes, Thunder, Spitfire, Bon…
TJ Rogers

Age 22 from Whitby Ontario
Nike, Tensor, Blind, Diamond, Bo…
Matt Berger

Age 20 from Kamloops Canada
Flip, Etnies, BONES Wheels, Mati…
Tom Knox

Age 23 from London United Kingdom
New Balance #, Isle skateboards,…
Jereme Knibbs

Age 22 from Tampa FL
Nike SB, Bones, Expedition, The …
Dlamini Dlamini

Age 22 from Durbin South Africa
Venture, adidas, Long Beach Skat…

Alana Smith Backflips Mini Mega Gap in South Africa!

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Alana Smith of USA takes first place in the 2014 Kimberley Diamond Cup Mini Mega Best Trick contest! Alana, at only 13 years of age, Alana is the first female to do a backflip over the Mini Mega Ramp gap. Alana took home $5,000 for first trick against Andy MacDonald, Jono Schwan, and more. Check some photos from the contest and out highlights video below from the contest featuring Jono Schwan’s woodchipper, Andy Mac’s cab bigspin mute, and Alana’s backflip.

Jono Schwan(L) Andy Macdonald(R)_KDC2014_Sunday_Photo Sam Clark090-2


Jono Schwan and Andy Mac double up in practice. Sam Clark photo.

Dane Burman_KDC2014_Sunday_Photo Sam Clark089-1

Dane Burman padded down for an airwalk over the gap, so sick. Sam Clark photo.


Alana Smith’s backflip was the first ever done by a female and it went down at Kimberley Diamond Cup in South Africa. Rudi Jeggle photo.



Congrats, Alana! Put that money in the bank. Rudi Jeggle photo.

Photos by Rudi Jeggle & Sam Clark

Video filmed by Hein Kotze & Colin Clark

Video edit by Dan Shetron

Brandon Valjalo Wins 2014 KDC South African Championships!

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Over 30 skaters from all over South Africa competed in the KDC South African Championships at the Kumba Skate Plaza on 5th October, 2014. Competing skaters were drawn from wildcard winners from Skateboarding for Hope presented by Boogaloos & KDC Grand Slam events, KDC select list, and skaters that were chosen to qualify at the KDC SA Championship open qualifiers. The top 3 skaters ages 16 & under were deemed South African Youth Championships and the top 5 overall left with cash prizes. In the end, Brandon Valjalo from Johannesburg left with both the KDC Youth Champion and South African Championship title! Check the results below and stay tuned for more content from the KDC South African Championships!


Brandon Valjalo Profile

1: Brandon Valjalo, 90.16

Alan Marola Profile

2: Alan Marola, 87.35

Stefan Jacobs Profile

3: Stefan Jacobs, 86.70

Braxton Haine Profile

4: Braxton Haine, 86.58

Ofentse Ramakanye Profile

5: Ofentse Ramakanye, 86.12

Enwin Gealant Profile

6: Enwin Gealant, 85.59

Warrick Delport Profile

7: Warrick Delport, 81.08

Byron Rhoda Profile

8: Byron Rhoda, 79.03

Anthony De Mendonca Profile

9: Anthony De Mendonca, 76.45

Andrew Nero Profile

10: Andrew Nero, 71.94

Mitchell Rice Profile

10: Mitchell Rice, 71.94

Brandon Ramos Profile

12: Brandon Ramos, 71.65

KDC South African Youth Championships Results

Brandon Valjalo Profile

1: Brandon Valjalo, 90.16

Stefan Jacobs Profile

2: Stefan Jacobs, 86.70

Enwin Gealant Profile

3: Enwin Gealant, 85.59



Jimmy Wilkins Wins 2014 KDC Vert World Championships!

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Vert skaters from all over the world traveled to Kimberley, South Africa to compete in the Kimberley Diamond Cup 2014 Vert Skateboarding World Championships and a shot at their share at the $83,000 prize purse. In the end, Jimmy Wilkins of Columbus, Ohio ended up taking the top spot and the $35,000 grand prize! Some of Jimmy’s tricks that worked as leverage to towards his win were huge frontside ollies, bs 540 ollies, kickflip lien melon, alley oop tailgrab 540, and more. Peep the results below and stay tuned for more from the KDC Vert World Championships soon!

Jimmy Wilkins

Age 21 from Columbus OH
Green Issue Skateboards, Vox (flow)
Sandro Dias

Age 39 from Sao Paulo Brazil
Red Bull, HD, Freedom Fog, Positiv Skateboards
Elliot Sloan

Age 26 from New York NY
Rockstar, Birdhouse, Globe, Trip…
Andy MacDonald

Age 41 from San Diego CA
Airwalk, Positiv, MovieTickets.c…
Pierre Luc Gagnon AKA PLG

Age 34 from Carlsbad Canada
Darkstar, Osiris, Monster Energy…
Rony Gomes

Age 22 from Sao Paulo Brazili
Santa Cruz, TNT Energy Drink, Oa…
Jono Schwan

Age 17 from Colorado Springs CO
Nike, TSG, sk8-Strong, Theeve, D…
Italo Penarrubia

Age 23 from San Paulo Brazil
Urgh, SA, VSB
Clay Kreiner

Age 17 from Simpsonville SC
Osiris, Index Ink, Woodward, 187…
Sam Beckett

Age 22 from Norfolk England
Vans, Monster, Oakley, Dickies, …
Mitch Brusco

Age 17 from Kirkland WA
Underarmor, Rock Star, Almost, T…
Marcelo Bastos

Age 27 from Sao Paolo Brazil
Element, Boneless, Guayaky
Trey Wood

Age 14 from Queen Creek AZ
Blind, Monster, Triple 8, SoCal …
Edgard Vovo Perier

Age 32 from San Bernardo dos Campo Brazil
Reef, Tent Beach, Stand Up, Cone…

2014 Rider Cup Team Championships At KDC

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Eight 4-man teams of skateboarders from South Africa and around the world congregated in Kimberley for the Rider Cup Team Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup. We had Soul Team from Brooklyn, NY in the house all the way from the US along with several teams of South Africa’s top skaters to compete for their share of the R40k cash prize purse. In the end, SA dream team squad 4 Staxx consisting of Moses Adams, Khule Ngubane, Mitchell Rice, and Jean Marc Johannes ended up taking the top spot and the Rider Cup Team Championship 2014 title. Results


1. 4 Staxx R25,000

Moses Adams

Jean Marc Johannes

Mitchell Rice

Khule Ngubane

2. Get It Get It! R10,000

Yann Horowitz

Dlamini Dlamini

Khulu Dlamini

Kanya Spani

3. Clean Team R5,000

Kyle Trusky

Enwin Gellant

Ofentse Ramakanya

Allen Adams



Kyle Trusky back tails from Clean Team. Rudi Jeggle photo.


Dlamini Dlamini gets it, noseblunt. Rudi Jeggle photo.


Clean fs lip from Cape Town’s Enwin Gealant. Rudi Jeggle photo.


Switch tre from Mosey. Rudi Jeggle photo.

Rider Cup 1st Place_KDC2014_Saturday_Photo Sam Clark058-6

Congrats to 4 Staxx! Moses, Jean Marc, Khule, and Mitchell split R25k cash. Sam Clark photo.

Rider Cup Winners_KDC2014_Saturday_Photo Sam Clark057-5


Congrats to the finalists! Sam Clark photo.

Photos: Rudi Jeggle & Sam Clark

Video filmed by Colin Clark & Hein Kotze

Video edit by Dan Chetron

Samarria Brevard Wins 2014 Women’s Street World Championships

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On 3rd October, 2014, several of the world’s most talented female skateboarders were invited to compete in the inaugural Kimberley Diamond Cup Women’s Street World Championships. We had the vets and young guns out to represent and give a shot at the $40,000 prize purse. Even Elissa Steamer came out! The level of talent was amazing and the ladies had the support of the skateboarding enthusiasts of South Africa backing them. Samarria Brevard of Riverside, California ended up throwing together some flawless runs and took 1st place and the $15,000 grand prize! Bostonian and Arhitecture major Alexis Sablone brought out that famous kickflip front fifty for Kimberley, and came just behind Samarria in 2nd. Pamela Rosa of Brazil just made the podium and landed 3rd place and $5,000.


Samarria Brevard

Age 21 from Riverside CA
Hoopla Skateboards, Lakai, Movie…
Alexis Sablone

Age 28 from Brooklyn NY
Adidas, Orchard
Pamela Rosa

Age 15 from Sao Paulo Brazil
MVituzzo, Prefeitura Sao Jose do…
Lacey Baker

Age 22 from Covina CA
Meow Skateboards, Pawn Shop, Ind…
Rachel Reinhard

Age 24 from Colorado Springs CO
Etnies, BC Surf and Sport, Volco…
Alana Smith

Age 13 from Mesa AZ
Hoopla, DC Footwear (flow), 187 …
Julia Brueckler

Age 24 from Vienna Austria
Nike SB, Volcom, Blue Tomato, Element
Marisa Dal Santo

Age 27 from Chicago IL
Reed Wheels, Freedom Airline Clothing
Kat Williams

Age 25 from Adelaide Australia
Elan, Theeve, Daily Grind Skate …
Melissa Williams

Age 29 from Cape Town South Africa
Your Mom’s Wheels, Brixton, RVCA…
Vanessa Torres

Age 28 from Los Angeles CA
Meow Skateboards, Rockstar Beariings
Elissa Steamer

Age 39 from San Francisco CA
Gnarhunters, Blood Wizard
Kelly Murray

Age 25 from Johannesberg South Africa
Sick Tricks

2014 KDC Big Air World Championships Results & Highlights

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Some of the world’s most talented skateboarders hit the uber-scary mini mega ramp on 3rd October, 2014 for a shot at their share of the $63k prize purse and to put on a show for the local skateboarding enthusiasts of South Africa, of course. In the end, Jono Schwan (USA) took home 1st place and $22,000 for a heelflip body varial 360 to a 900 on the quarter. Elliot Sloan and Clay Kreiner also landed podium spots, taking 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Check out the highlights from the KDC 2014 Big Air World Championships featuring Jono Schwan, Trey Wood, Andy MacDonald, Elliot Sloan, and more.


1Jono Schwan $22,000
2Elliot Sloan $15,000
3Clay Kreiner $10,000
4Mitch Brusco $6,000
5Trey Wood $4,000
6Andy MacDonald $3,000
8Marcelo Bastos $1,000


Andy Mac with a 720 mute


Clay Kreiner tailgrab 540s for Cacks


Elliot Sloan, tailgrab 540



Marcello Bastos, frontside flip.


Monster 5 from Mitch



Congrats 2014 KDC Big Air Champion Jono Schwan!

Photos by Rudi Jeggle

Video filmed by Hein Kotze & Colin Clark

Video Edit by Dan Shetron

Rider Cup NYC 2014 Finals Video Recap

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12 teams of 4 skaters from each of NYC’s 5 boroughs came out to the Rider Cup NYC Finals on Saturday, August 16th, 2014, to compete for the $10k cash grand prize and an all expenses paid trip to South Africa to compete in the Rider Cup World Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup. Congrats to Soul Team for winning the top spot, the cash, and a trip to South Africa!

Check out this sick video recap from the contest:

Filmed: Tombo Colabraro
Edit: Colin Clark

Check out the full post including results and photo recap here in case you missed it.


Rider Cup NYC 2014 Finals Recap

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Over the past 5 weeks, over 20 teams from the 5 boroughs went head to head in the Rider Cup NYC Qualifiers in order to get to the finals.  It came down to the top 12 teams who skated their hearts and souls out, as there could only be one winner who would go home with the $10K cash and the all expenses paid trip to South Africa to compete in the Rider Cup World Championships at Kimberly Diamond Cup this October.

Only 12 points separated the final 2 teams, Soul Team from Brooklyn, and LES Bomb Squad 1 from Manhattan, from going home with $10,000 and an all expenses paid trip to South Africa. In the end, it was Soul Team that came out on top!

Huge thanks to presenting sponsors World Skateboarding Grand Prix and Volcom for making it possible! Thanks also to our shop partners: Labor, Vault, Heavenbound 7, Belief, KCDC and CD Skateshop.  Thanks to our non profit partner the Harold Hunter foundation, our media partner NY Skateboarding, and the Sticks and Stones Productions crew for putting on 6 great events. Special thanks goes out to everyone that made it out from the Northern Cape Provincial Government from South Africa for their support and presence at the event!

We can’t wait to see Soul Team compete in South Africa for the Rider Cup World Championships at the Kimberly Diamond Cup and hope to see all the teams back next year!  Thanks to all the skaters, spectators and people that supported and made it possible!


Rider Cup NYC Finals

1. Soul Team (Brooklyn) : $10,000 & all expenses paid trip to South Africa

Dwayne Almonte

Gabe Almonte

Nate Rojas

Andre Beverley

Duron Simons (Alt)

2. LES Bomb Squad 1 (Manhattan) : $2000

Jamel Marshall

Joseph Gil

Carlos Carrezano

Ryan Santiago

Derek Holmes (Alt)

3. Team Belief (Queens) : $1000

Alejandro Batista

Victor Reyes

Andre Valencia

Karim Callender

Ricardo Castaneda (Alt)

Best Trick

Antonio Durao, Switch bigspin heel : $1000

Best Head to Head Battle

Dylan Nieves (Shaolin Shredders) vs. Dwayne Almonte (Soul Team) ($300 each)

Words: Steve Rodriguez

Photos: Peter Pabon

Rider Cup NYC Finals This Saturday at LES Skatepark

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The Rider Cup NYC Finals are going down this Saturday, August 16th, at LES Skatepark in Manhattan. The winning team  takes home  an all expenses paid trip to South Africa for the Rider Cup Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup this October 2nd-5th. The $13,000 total prize purse also includes $1,000 allotted for the open best trick jam, going down after the semi finals. We hope to see you there!