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Beginners Jam, The Big Four and More Skateboarding!

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The last weekend of March Chinner and the crew held some more skateboarding events for all the locals at the Kumba Skate Plaza. The highlight of the weekend was definitely Saturday night’s “Bust Yo Self Down the Big 4″ jam session. We had a deck, trucks, and wheels on the line for the top 3 tricks, so the kids were going all out. The illustrious “Big 4″ can be quite a dangerous obstacle, so, luckily, no one got busted too hard. Brad Balie came through with a first try kickflip down the stairs, and eventually over the rail within a few tries, landing him first place and the deck. Honorable mention goes to Will Meleng for his several tre flip attempts. Will stomped a few but sadly couldn’t roll away before his knees forced him to call it quits. Shout outs and props are due to Moustache for his backside 50/50 and Samkelo Rashole’s noseslide down the hubba ledge, earning them 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

We’ve got all the results along with some photos to back up all the action that went down at the Kumba Skate Plaza this weekend. Scroll down to see what Kimberley was up to last weekend!

Highest Kickturn


1. Kaone Raadt
2. Steadson Majoro

1. Damian Bramley
2. Brad Balie

Girls Skate Session Game of SKATE
1. Boipelo Awuah
2. Natalie Bramley

Beginners Jam
1. Tebogo van Rooi
2. Panas Aaron
3. Boipelo Awuah

Bust Yo Self Down The Big 4
1. Brad Balie (Kickflip over the rail)
2. Tshego Afrika (BS 50/50 down hubba)
3. Samkelo Rashole (Noseslide down hubba)














Midway Mayhem Am Skateboarding Results

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With the best skaters from around the country and R20k in cash to be won, the Midway Mayhem am street skateboarding event had some pretty gnarly expectations from the get-go. Here are the specs: 24 skaters from around SA skated two four-minute jams, with one jam on each half of the skatepark. The top 10 skaters from KDC Am 2013 automatically earned a spot in the finals, so we knew the skating was going to be amazing.

2013 KDC Am champ Braxton Haine was in the house, along with 2nd place winner Khule Ngubane. This time around Khule took the top honors — he’s been putting in mad time on his board — and he took home R12k and the Midway Mayhem Am title. Congrats Khule and all the skaters!

1) Khule Ngubane (R12000)
2) Dlamini Dlamini  (R6000)
3) Yann Horowitz (R4000)
4) Alan Marola
5) Braxton Haine
6) Alan Adams
7) Kanya Spani
8)  Jean Marc Johannes
9) Byron Rhoda
10) Wesley Schroeder
11) Khulu Dlamini
12) Brandon Valjalo
13) Anthony De Mendonca
14) Pieter Retief
15) Ofentse Ramakanye
16) Shuaib Philander
17) Leon Bester
18) Brendan Diamond
19) Evan Binge
20) Brandon Ramos
21) Jean Gerber
22) TK Modise
23) Brad Bailie
24) Ryan Naidoo

Vert Maniacs In The Mix at Midway Mayhem!

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With only three vert ramps in all of South Africa, it’s amazing that there are still dedicated rippers willing to put on the pads. Kimberley Skatepark is home to one of those three ramps, and it’s only properly skated a few times a year, and was great to see how that small crew of skaters has progressed since their last trip to K-town.

Werner du Plessis, Graham Denoon, and Terry Sharman are among those ripping ramps over 12 feet tall and they definitely pulled together some serious runs. Congrats to those who stepped up and skated Midway Mayhem Am Vert!

1. Werner Du Plesis  (R6000)
2. Graham Denoon   (R4000)
3. Terry Sharman  (R2000)
4. Louie Pixioto
5. Evan Binge
6. Damian Bramley

Women’s Skateboarding Mayhem!

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Midway Mayhem brought out the girls, as South Africa’s best female skaters came out to skate for part of the R6000 prize purse.

We saw some quick hitting tricks from Saniya Smith, Nabila Smith, Chanelle Oliver, and Kimberley local Natalie Bramley, and Kimberley local 9 year old Boipelo Awuah was blowing minds and inspiring many with her ollies down the three, 180s off the launch ramp, and fearless style.

KDC 2013 Women’s Street champ Kelly Murray showed up and defended her title and left with R3000 cash, throwing down front board shove-its on the flat bar, backside flips on the quarter pipe, and a sweet nollie flip up the kicker ramp. Kelly is holding it down for the girl skaters and we’re stoked to see what she’s got in store for the KDC Women’s Street in October. Check the results:

1. Kelly Murray (R3000)
2. Boipelo Awuah (R2000)
3. Natalie Bramley (R1000)
4. Saniya Smith
5. Chanel Oliver
6. Nabila Smith

KDC Rider Cup Team Skateboarding Championships Results!

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The Rider Cup, formerly known as Hood To Hood,  brought together 44 of SA’s best skaters for a team format contest. In addition to the two Kimberley teams who advanced to the Rider Cup a few weeks back, we had 10 teams of eager rippers who entered in hopes of splitting R10k and earning a slot in the Rider Cup Championships at KDC 2014. In the end team “Get It,” consisting of Yann Horowitz, Dlamini Dlamini, Pieter Retief, and Kanya Spani ‘got it,’ going home with ten G’s and a spot in the Rider Cup Finals. Cheers to all the teams for sticking it out through the gnarly heat and ripping with the collective goal of progressing skateboarding of South Africa in mind.
1. Get It, with Yann Horowitz, Dlamini Dlamini, Kanya Spani, and Pieter Retief.
2. Scumbags: Jean-Marc Johannes, Braxton Haine, Khule Ngubane, and Brandon Valjalo.
3. Titties, a good name for Brandon Jack Dyamond, Joshua Chrisholm, Khulu Dlamini,  Anthony deMendonca.
4. Magoshas, made up of Shaun Burger, Alan Morola, Anton Roux, and Bevan Richards.
5. CapeTown’s 20Sk8 with Shuaib Philander, Ryan Naidoo, Wesley “Tooth” Schroeder, and Toufeeq Reubenheimer.
6. Skateboard, with Jean Gerber, George van Blerk, Brandon Ramos, and Chris Nderity.
7. G1Three: Stuart Walker, Evan Binge, Dennis Collins, Bryce Rheeder.
8. You Ma Team from Kimberley, with Martin Kotze, Brad Bailie, Theo Setsetse, and Jaden Klaasen.
9. Wills Ducks with two Wills: Will Meleng, Will Jenkins, Tlotlo Apples, and Siphiwe Kheshwa.
10. Chesa-Nyama, consisting of Trae Rice, OJ Ramakanye, Bryce Rheeder, and TK Modise.
11. George with Luke Goliath, Quinton Mooiman, Byron Rhoda, and Nico Ludek.
12. Stoned! They’re Quinty Robertson, Kennetu Basyan, Monde Mqumbisa, and Kenneth Shimabukuro.

Midway Mayhem Skateboarding Calms Down!

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It was a hot end-of-summer weekend in Kimberley, and hundreds of amped skaters came to check out the first of KDC’s Grand Slam events. Six months before and after the Kimberley Diamond Cup in early October, Midway Mayhem brought out the best South Africa skaters, and with a R50k prize purse and slots in the KDC Am finals on the line, the skateboarding was very high caliber.
There were women’s street, amateur vert, and am street events, as well as the Rider Cup Team Skateboarding Championships.
Local hiphop acts Taliban and Prof were on the mic throughout the day and Cape Town’s infamous hiphop duo and 20SK8’s hype man B Fake had the crowd hyped for the party following the finals.

Thanks to all the skaters who came out, as well as Kumba Iron Ore, who has been a great supporter of skateboarding in South Africa. Our partners also include Northern Cape Tourism and Monster Energy — Midway Mayhem couldn’t have happened without their generous support. Results for all events coming in news posts over the next few hours.

Midway Mayhem Hits Kimberley!

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Midway Mayhem is coming to Kimberley on March 8! Check the flyer and tell a friend!